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Date(s) - 05/20/2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Contact: David Grace
Email: david@davidgrace.com.au
Phone: 0409469145
Week one – Sequence to Success 15th May – 19th May
Parelli Games Day Saturday 20th May
Week Two – Principle to Purpose with Cows 22nd – 26th May
Sequence to Success
Pat teaches us in order to become a horseman their are 4 things we need to have,
Ambition – Principles – Patience & SEQUENCE.
If we stay true to our Principles, have patience, be ambitious enough to put in the time, and then follow the sequence. Then we have the winning formula to becoming a horseman, and the difference that will set us apart from being a horse Trainer. Come and learn why it so important to keep your learning in sequence and how to keep learning for you and your horse FUN. Learn how to follow the program, work on the ingredients, not the task. Have goals, and a plan. Plan your day and work your plan. SLOW AND RIGHT BEAT FAST AND WRONG. BUT NOTHER BEATS FAST AND RIGHT. Level 2/3 Online & Freestyle.
Principle to Purpose with Cows
This is not all about the cows, but a way of developing your horsemanship through purpose. This camp is about horsemanship and how you will learn to put the relationship first when working with a purpose. Purpose come before Sport, and this is a Real Job. Your horse will learn 10 times faster once he understands the purpose. Come and learn how you can develop the idea of using purpose to progress your horsemanship. When playing with cattle, see how this can help you understand more, about the flight animal and how they can be influenced, see how the drive line, flight zone work and how important it is for a flight animal to learn through relief. Pressure motivates and Release teaches. This in turn will help you to understand and better read the behavior of your horse. Level 3/4 Online & Freestyle.