How To Become A Parelli Professional

So you want to be a Parelli Professional?

Demand worldwide for Licensed Parelli Professionals far outstrips supply. Career opportunities for graduates continues to grow exponentially in step with the growth of the Parelli Program itself, which now boasts over 22,000 members in 73 Countries. The old adage “choose a career you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” has never been truer than at Parelli, where every day of the rest of your life can be spent helping create a better world for horses and humans through education. tina

What does it mean to be “Licensed by Parelli”?

It means that both Parelli Professionals and students can expect:

  • A trusted standard of horsemanship, ethics, and teaching.
  • Specific and sequential curriculum: The Parelli Education Program.
  • Part of a worldwide team for support, inspiration and continued education.

As a Parelli Professional, you also benefit from the following:

  •    A high level of horsemanship
  •    A working knowledge of Parelli Natural Horsemanship as a student and as an Instructor or Horse Development Specialist
  •    A high level of support in cases of difficult situations, problems or emergencies
  •    The use and sale of authentic Parelli materials (education and tools)
  •    Opportunities for up-to-date knowledge, including studying with higher level Parelli instructors, Pat Parelli, Linda Parelli, and at the Parelli Campuses
  •    Instant customer base through the Parelli network
  •    Marketing to millions of people worldwide via the website and Parelli Savvy Club
  •    The potential for state wide, national and international work
  •    High level recommendations/business opportunities
  •    Participation at Parelli Natural Horsemanship events, with personal promotion
  • Access to Parelli Natural Horsemanship materials, advice, marketing tools, connections, sponsors, etc

What does it take?

  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Minimum 2 years as a Savvy Club Member
  • Attend 4 weeks of courses at any of our worldwide campuses
  • Graduate Level 4 (in all 4 Savvys)
  • A referral from your course instructor as well as 2 more from 3 Star or higher Instructors
  • Graduate the 12 week externship
  • Pay the annual licensing fee

We are looking for individuals that are 21 years of age* or older that are official graduates of Level 4 in all Four Savvys to represent Parelli Natural Horsemanship in equine communities around the world.

Candidates for the Parelli Professionals Program are:

  •   Good Riders
  •   Good with horses
  •   Possess good interpersonal skills
  •   Physically fit
  •   Emotionally fit – staying left brain in a right brain situation
  •   Natural puzzle solvers
  •   Have a mature outlook on life
  •   Professional behavior
  •   Have been a Savvy Club Member for at least 1 year
  •   And are successful graduates of the appropriate courses and the live Professionals Entrance Exam

*Applicants younger than 21 will be reviewed on a case by case basis, the minimum age is 18.

What courses are required?

The first step to becoming a Professional is to have been a Savvy Club Member for at least 2 years and then to take 4 weeks of courses. This is to make sure candidates have knowledge of the Parelli community and program and for Parelli to get to know the candidates. The 4 weeks of courses are corporately run courses and can consist of the 1 and 2 week recreational courses or the horsemanship intensive 4 and 10 week courses. The 4 weeks can be taken over time or consecutively. The reason courses are required is that they not only help propel you towards attaining Level 4 it also allows us a chance to get to know you. Many think that since 4 weeks is the minimum number of weeks required that is all that they take. Many times this cause them to take longer to achieve Level 4. Oftentimes, taking more courses helps you move towards achieving Level 4 faster. It really depends on the individual, their experience, knowledge, skills, etc. The 10 week and 4 week courses are Intensive courses that focus on Horsemanship only and are not to be confused with the externship.

Next you need to Graduate Level 4 in all 4 Savvys. Once you have passed Level 4 you can apply to attend the externship. You will need a referral from your course instructor as well 2 more from 3-Star or higher Instructors. This helps Parelli ensure a high standard of horsemanship and aptitude for teaching in the Professionals Program. The externship is the entryway into the Professionals Program. It is also considered your “audition” to become a Professional and once passed, qualifies you for consideration of earning a 1 Star Rating.

The Externship focuses on 4 areas of study related to being a Professional; Horse-man-ship, Teacher-man-ship, Facility Design and Maintenance, and Business Administration.

We also have two long term student programs. The first is the Mastery Program for those that have graduated Level 4 and the Vocational Program for candidates that have not yet graduated Level 4 but are well on their way. If you are wanting to apply for a long term student position in the Mastery Program, please email for more information.

What does it mean to graduate with a 1-star rating?

When you are awarded your 1-Star rating you will officially be part of an elite team of Professionals striving to raise the level of horsemanship worldwide.

Before you begin teaching you will need to sign a License Agreement, pay your Parelli License Fee and obtain appropriate Liability Insurance. Then, once you have submitted all the required paperwork to the Parelli Professionals Department and they have co-signed your License Agreement, you may begin teaching your free hours.

All new Parelli Instructors are required to teach a minimum number of free hours to develop their confidence and skill in teaching the Parelli Program to students and their horses. The free hours are a great way to build clientele while developing your own unique way of effectively teaching Pat Parelli’s program.

As a 1-Star Parelli Instructor you will be able to teach lessons, group lessons or workshops in both On Line and FreeStyle Savvys to a maximum group size of four students for one full day or two half days.

By diligently tracking your activity, maintaining a clean professional record, and taking the required continuing education courses you may qualify for your 2-Star rating after spending at least one year as a 1-Star Parelli Instructor.

To find out more about being a professional and what the star ratings mean click here.

For more detailed information on the Guidelines for achieving stars, click here.

Start your journey by taking one of our worldwide courses:

To sign up for a course please visit Parelli Courses for details.

To find out about scholarships available please visit Parelli Foundation.

If you plan to embark on the Professionals Pathway please email us at so we can register your intent. This will allow us to better serve you along the way.