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Cotgreave Farm

United Kingdom

Contact: Rachael Shawyer
Email: rachaelmorland@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 07999917005
Level 2 Clinic
This is a 2 day course suitable for those beginning Level 2 or those who are already working in Level 2.
Consisting of theory sessions, simulations and both online and ridden practical sessions with your horse.
You will learn how to improve your horse’s responsiveness, improve the quality of your yields and build more connection as you advance onto the 22ft line.
When it comes to riding, the basics are everything! You’ll learn how to take what you’ve been learning on the ground and start to apply it in the saddle. Learn how to read your horse so it is safe and ready to ride with a halter and one rein, one rein stops and back-ups, how to control the hindquarters and force quarters separately, so you can confidently guide your horse on the basic freestyle patterns.

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Last Modified: March 23, 2017