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It was love at first site when I got my first pony, (Shawnee) for my 11th birthday. My second pony came when my neighbors got tired of having their grandchildren bucked off and run away with. They begged me to take Cindy a wild Chincoteague pony. I played with her everyday for a year before ever asking her for a ride. When I did get on her, we merged and were one and the same.

My first foal, Bombadil came as a result of breeding Cindy to a very nice Arabian stallion. Again I played with him daily. When the big day came for my first ride my family and friends gathered for the much awaited event. We walked, trotted, cantered, changed leads, jumped, stopped and backed. Anything I could think of we did that first ride. With Cindy's second foal, Geminie, I repeated the same training lots of love: lots of play: lots of trust.

It wasn't until I started looking into the competitive world that I realized that the experience of others were not the same as mine. I found no trainer or instructor that I was willing to submit myself or my horses to.

Then, in May 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky at Equitana, I saw an amazing horseman, who had an incredible relationship with his horses: Pat Parelli. He and his wife Linda with a dozen or so students were doing amazing things with their horses. I knew, on a deep intuitive level, that after 30 years of constant involvement with horses I had found an instructor who's skill with, and understanding of horses, was extraordinary. And so I started my formal Parelli Natural Horsemanship Journey.

I have never looked back.

Let's Journey Together!

Kerri April

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