Rachel Evans



Thanks for connecting!  Please click on this link to be redirected to my website: www.rachelevansparelli.co.uk, email me at info@rachelevansparelli.co.uk or call me at 07818054671.

I'm a Parelli Professional based in the beautiful Meon Valley near Fareham, Hampshire. I have three horses - Rav who is an RBI/RBE irish cob and who has been my levels partner over the last few years. Rav is a rescue horse and used to bolt with me, but thanks to Parelli he is way more trusting and calm, although he is still very sensitive and skeptical by nature. Henderson is an extreme LBE/RBE with a high spirit and he is a TB ex racehorse who was also a rescue. Hendi had some very extreme issues when I got him - he would got very introvert and flip over backwards with me, especially when saddling. He had some serious fear issues with the bit and bridle, with being stabled - he would bite his own shoulders - and he was the most herdbound horse I have ever met! Now he is a great partner and is much calmer, smarter and definitely very athletic! Finally there's Maestro who is my 3 year old, I havent had him a year yet. Maestro is LBE/RBE warmblood x TB x welsh with a high play drive and he's already playing 7 games and we are working on saddling prep. Once he's 4 and matured a bit more physically I will start him under saddle. Lastly in the herd is my partner's horse Benji who is a TB x New Forest also a rescue pony. Benji is RBE and had been very badly physically abused when we got him. He's a super sensitive and very smart horse, and it's taken a while to convince him to drop his fear of humans. He's been restarted and is really growing in confidence under saddle.

You may have guessed from the rescue connection that I like to be involved in rehab and with rescue horses. I've also had a little competition experience and my goal is to bring Maestro to compete but to make sure that it is done naturally and using psychology. I'm also an equine Bowen therapist and trainee equine podiatrist.

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