Patti Devencenzi



I am a life long learner with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Horses are my passion. I love to teach people of all ages and witness their growth and success. 

My horsemanship journey started as an adult in my 20's. I participated in endurance racing as I couldn't seem to get enough time in the saddle. When I purchased my second horse to participate in the Tevis Cup, he was a bit more than I had anticipated. I found Parelli at that time and have never turned back. My horse, Shadow, became my levels horse. He has been a most complex and magnificent teacher. The many horses in my life have given me priceless gems of knowledge to share!

I have been fortunate to attend multiple courses over the years at the Pagosa Springs campus including an externship. I have had multiple opportunities to learn and observe the best of the best. 

I am honored to be a part of such a great horsemanship community! If you are here, you are probably checking out the Parelli program or you already know how much it has enhanced your horsemanship journey. 

My goal is to inspire and empower my students to become the best horsemen and horsewomen they can be. I strive to help students to develop their abilities to think laterally, become problem solvers, build relationships, and become natural with their horses.

I hope to see you on the trail!

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