Chris Brady



The first time I was introduced to a horse was when I was taken to a horse riding school with my brother at the age of eight. The horse I was introduced to stood on my foot and my brothers horse bucked him off. This should have been a nightmare experience but, after the initial shock and pain went away, I had the best day ever. This was the start of a life-long affinity with horses.

My teenage years were spent riding young polo ponies and hunters for a local yard.

Galloping through the forests, playing hide and go seek and rounding up cattle in the Dublin mountains are some of my fondest memories from this time. 

Having been lucky enough to build our own stables and yard we decided to get our own horses for leisure and competitive riding. It was not until we met Piper, an ex race horse which had a propensity to rear up and flip over, that I discovered how little I knew about horse behaviour. The advice from people was to hit the horse any time he lifted his feet and or mechanical tie downs. I was not willing to do either so I give him back to his original home. 

I began my search again for a horse to hunt and came across my 4 yr old mare Millie, who I quickly realised was another challenging horse that had a propensity to buck. 

Looking for a lasting solution to deal with this horse, I watched a demo of Pat Parelli at a UK Celebration dealing with a young horse that appeared to be very difficult to handle. Everything he said made so much sense to me I had to find out more. 

Through the levels programme I have revealed the true horse and what was once a challenging horse is now my perfect partner. 

Having travelled to the UK and USA and studied with some of the best Parelli professionals including Pat and Linda I have found a real passion for horse development, foundation training and teaching. 

Having spent five years of my military career as a teacher and instructor in the Military College I have gathered the skills to impart the knowledge I have gained through my Journey. As a Parelli Professional I am looking forward to inspiring, empowering and educating through Natural Horsemanship.

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