Jody Grimm-Ellis

Professional’s Details and Events

I have always been very attracted to and interested in horses and finally got my start about age 26 mucking stalls at a boarding facility in Golden CO. I ended up managing that barn for 7 years and learning to ride in front of all my 80 boarders (humbling!). I then moved on to manage a private barn for a family in the foothills around Denver. While at the private barn we foaled two colts and when they were yearlings I was feeling the count down to the day I would have to start them. I attended the Horse Expo in Denver and that was the first time Linda was the headliner. I went home inspired with my level 1 program and the rest is history.

I moved to California the end of 2005 and began my wonderful partnership with my husband, 5 Star David Ellis. We live on a ranch in the Sierra foothills with a small herd of cattle and about 25 horses that all live naturally out on the land.

I began traveling with David and the natural progression was for me to also become an instructor and teach the excellent horsemanship program Pat and Linda Parelli have built.

I studied with both Pat and Linda personally and continue to do so. Improving my horsemanship is a passion and sharing what I have learned is a privilege. I am always impressed and touched by the dedication I see in Parelli students and the passion we all share for the horse.

In 2014 and 2015 I had the honor to start and present a colt each year in the Road to the Summit.

In 2015 I held the Horse Development Position at the  Atwood Ranch in Red Bluff CA. I worked with foals, yearlings, started colts and developed riding horses.

As a 3 star instructor my goal is to assist and participate in all of my students journeys in ways of sharing, instruction and support. I thank you all for this opportunity!

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