Dru Lucia Roia



I have been a horse lover for 56 years, a horse owner for 40 years and a professional riding instructor for more than 25 years. I started my journey as horse crazy young girl who persisted until she got her first pony, Missy, at age 14. I was in love and dedicated to my partner who I ended up keeping 31 years - her entire life.

After spending 4 years in the US Marine Corps I began my college degree. I completed my BS in Equestrian Education and went on to attend the prestigious Westmoreland Davis International Riding Institute at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. Where I spent 4 years developing my classical riding and teaching skills as well as competing in dressage and eventing. In addition, I had the opportunity to take multiple clinics with European and American Masters in dressage,jumping and eventing. My time at Morven Park included 2 years as a student after which I was invited to be an associate instructor.

After the closing of the school at Morven Park I moved to Long Island, NY and started a public riding program, but eventually settled in beautiful Loudoun County, VA. There I used my education and expertise to build my dream facility, Lucia Farm in Lovettsville, VA.

Despite my education and success, there was something missing.  I was able to make progress training techniques, but I could tell we had lost confidence in each other. I discovered I didn't trust them and they didn't trust me. And in fact, I felt like we were losing ground.  I began searching for answers. My beautiful warmbloods were overbred, overfed, and under utilized.

After researching and training with many well known classical trainers, I was still searching . Things changed for me when I had a Parelli play group come to use my indoor arena. I was impressed when I saw such great confidence in both the horses and humans especially with obstacles. Hmmmmm.....

What is this Parelli stuff? What is "Natural Horsemanship? After extending my research to natural horsemanship and other horseman. I borrowed the vintage "red box" level one and became a believer - immediately! Finally, the doors were opening to the answers I was looking for. The doors of knowledge. The doors of horse psychology and understanding. How did my former extensive education and experience not include these ideas?

I became a savvy club member and attended my first tour stop in February 2006. My personal and professional life was changed forever by the Parelli principles of Love, Language and Leadership. I attended my first Summit in Pagosa Springs in 2007 and my first course, Fluidity I, March 2008. Since that time, I have spent time on campus every year including time with studying with both Pat and Linda. These opportunities have helped develop me into a better horse woman and teacher. I am currently a 1 Star Parelli Professional. It is an accomplishment I am proud of.  My horsemanship journey continues under the influence of many great Parelli Professionals with numerous lessons and clinics. Good, better, best.

Currently I am supporting students at my facility, Lucia Farm, in Lovettsville,VA. Where I have a variety of wonderful school horses that can offer students the opportunity to begin or continue their horsemanship journey. One of the greatest joys and benefits of my journey has been to witness the growth in partnership of both my personal horses and my school horses. In addition, I truly enjoy opening the doors for my students, both children and adults, to be successful with horses using love, language and leadership.

I am available for lessons at my farm with your horse or mine, and am available to travel to your facility. In addition, I help facilitate a regular Parelli DVD study group. If I can assist and support you please email dru@luciafarm.com or call (703) 969-5917.

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