Sarah Wearing



Sarah has worked with, ridden and played with horses and ponies since she was three years old.  She has competed in dressage, showjumping, endurance and eventing, riding in teams and individually.  Since 2007, she has trained with Parelli at the Colorado, Florida and Stoneleigh facilities and is endorsed by Pat Parelli as a 3* Licenced Parelli Professional.  Sarah is a Level 4 Graduate.

This means she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share in coaching horse owners and riders starting out or advancing their Parelli journey.  Her traditional riding background prior to Parelli means that she has exceptional understanding and empathy in how the Parelli programme can make a huge difference enhancing any horse / owner relationship.  Her specific interests include confidence in riding, jumping, liberty, horse behaviour, bridleless riding, leadership and motivation.  She offers Working Student Placements at her facility, Suddene Park, in the stunning Wiltshire countryside.

Sarah has studied and worked with the following Parelli instructors John Barr 5*, Cezanne DeCristorforo 4*, Carmen Smith 4*, Carmen Zulauf 4*, Sally Brett 3*, James Roberts 3*; Sam Caporn 3*; Alison Jones 4*; Marion Oesch 4* and Terry Martinus 3*.
  Her experience includes assisting/teaching on three Fast Tracks, Flex Track and many other courses and workshops.  Sarah is based at Suddene Park, Near Marlborough, Wiltshire and coaches private lessons; clinics and workshops. 

Sarah also brings her experience in management and entrepreneurship - she has run a consultancy business for 19 years, holds a Masters Degree in Management and a Level 5 Coaching/Mentoring qualification.  She is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management and member of the Institute of Business Consulting.

Qualified First Aider, Equine Specific First Aid


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