Kate Alexander


Welcome to my webpage. If you would like to contact me please email katealexanderpnh@gmail.com.

I am a 1* Junior Parelli Professional based in East Sussex, UK; I am happy to travel to your facilities.

A little about my background... I started riding at 4. I have no idea where the request came from but apparently I begged and begged until I was allowed lessons. At 10 I was allowed to volunteer at the stables, spending every spare second there, and at 14 my prayers were answered and I was allowed my own horse on loan. I loaned Sonny, a beautiful chestnut Anglo Arab, for 5 fantastic years. He was an ex-riding school horse, bought by a friend of mine when the riding school shut down, and was ‘my horse’ for those years as she had gone away to study. I don’t think I knew what I had at the time; at our first dressage test we scored over 80% and a friend of mine got a 92% riding him once. A true star, he excelled at dressage but not at jumping, which is all I really wanted to do at that time. But in dressage he just shone! We competed locally at Prelim, Novice and Elementary level. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have enjoyed the amazing Sonny even more for what he was, a teacher and a partner. I hadn’t discovered Natural Horsemanship at this time, but looking back I’m glad I treated Sonny as I would treat every horse, with respect and love.


Ulkje was the catalyst for my move out of London. I had been visiting a Natural Horsemanship riding holiday centre on Exmoor with some London friends to help out over the winter of 2007, spending what time we could exercising the horses. The owner had bought a Friesian mare from a trader that turned out to be less than honest. She was supposed to have been backed and be well-handled but she turned up half wild, after a 72 hour journey and with udders still producing milk, suggesting she had been torn away from a foal. She wouldn’t allow humans near her for 6 weeks, showing signs of separation anxiety. As her anxiety eased, the process was started of backing Ulkje involving playing with her using a mixture of Parelli and other NH techniques. On my visits there I was introduced to Natural Horsemanship, and I devoured every piece of information that I was given, and every book I could find on the subject. Having fallen in love with Ulkje I purchased her and moved to Brighton, determined to follow the NH path. I studied Natural Horsemanship, and upon going to work for a trainer who used Parelli techniques, I found further answers through the Parelli programme. I made the decision to devote my time and energy to the study of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and every day I am thankful.


I am constantly amazed at the results that Parelli can produce. Those moments when we or our horse go away and lick and chew on something, and then come back with a better understanding, are life changing! I love every minute of my own journey of ‘never ending self-improvement’, and I am passionate about helping others through their own journeys.


I have spent time in Colorado studying at the Parelli Centre and have studied with numerous high level instructors in the UK. I will continue to take every opportunity to increase my savvy, aiding me to help others increase theirs.


For more information and pricing, please see www.kate-alexander.co.uk.

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