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Born and brought up in Liverpool, the only horses I got to see as a child were the Rag and Bone Man's coloured cob and the police horses, riding past the end of our street most Saturdays, on the way to police the football matches at Anfield and Goodison Park - but always, always from the age of 3 I had a yearning to be around them.


Once I left school, I took riding lessons and bought my first horse when I was 23.  We had great fun together and formed a bond, the strength of which only became apparent to me at his death.

As my sons were then toddlers and I was working hard in my career, I had a break from horses. When I decided to start up again I knew I wanted to understand them more and learn to be more skilled around them. Trouble is I just couldn't find anything or anyone that offered something that put the horse first - I didn't really know what I was looking for - I just knew I hadn't found it... until I found Parelli!  Just in time as it happens.  My little Welsh D was the Queen of evasions.  She wasn't looking for a leader and I certainly didn't have the leadership required.  Her ideas were fine thank you very much and she wasn't interested in mine.  Every thing was a problem.  Catching, saddling, standing still, stopping, going, turning, trailer loading, hacking out.  Now, thanks to the Parelli programme everything is possible.  From bridle- less riding to liberty in open spaces.   At 24 she still has that high survival instinct independence about her but we have communication and a partnership of which I'm very proud.

I have studied the programme since 2006, including study with Pat and Linda and higher level instructors, a colt start course and other courses at the Parelli campuses.  I take every opportunity to continue my professional development and horsemanship.

My 3 horses are all in work. My Shetland harrows the arena and with the other 2 I love to play in all 4 savvies, developing their skill and knowledge along with my own. Most of all I like to ride wild places with challenging terrain and obstacles.  I also love helping people and horses to progress whether it be, in safety, confidence, skill or a particular issue.


I teach the On Line, Liberty and Freestyle savvies anywhere, anytime!

Contact: 07947 908823.



















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