Sue Coade



I have been lucky to have my own horses for over 40 years and during that time I have competed them and worked with horses of all different shapes, sizes and helped solve various problems, but it was one particular pony which was to change my life completely. Difficult to catch, halter, groom, saddle, mount and impossible to bridle I had run out of answers, until someone suggested  Parelli.

Through the Parelli Programme I realised my horse was distrustful of people, had probably suffered a trauma and in order to protect her dignity, was acting like an excellent 'prey animal'. By using the 7 Games we developed a language and a communication which has resulted in us becoming Level 4 Graduates of the Parelli Programme.

After studying at the Parelli Centres in the UK and Florida, I became a Licensed Instructor in 2011.

I am licensed by Parelli to teach On Line, Freestyle and Liberty from Level 1 through to Level 4.

I can teach you in a private lesson or as a group if you prefer. I travel to your facility or you are welcome to come to my private yard in Barnet, Hertfordshire.





My aim is to help you live your dream and develop a wonderful partnership with your horse.

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