Nita Jo Rush





Horses had captured my heart by the time I was two or three years old. I spent my childhood riding and playing (riding like a “banshee” with my best friend) in Boulder, Colorado. I temporarily left horses behind when I went away to college, but combined my passion for them and for the mountains during several summers when I worked at SanbornWestern Camps, west of Pikes Peak, as the Head Wrangler. That experience of leading groups of kids on horseback into the mountains on 4 and 5-day camping and riding trips  proved invaluable. It was also tons of fun!


Later in 1995, the Parelli program also captured my heart after I'd returned to horses and spent a few successful yet frustrating years competing in NRHA reining. The combination of horses and a natural, empowering way to develop partnership with them proved intoxicating! The Parelli instructors’ program accepted me in 1997,  I left my “real” job as a psychologist in 2000, and haven't looked back since. Currently, I'm a 4* Senior Instructor and a Horse Development Specialist. Each year from 1997 to 2016, I've studied directly with Pat and/or Linda. 


I teach and train at my elite facility in Minnesota and other places in the U.S. I have taught at the Parelli campus,  in Costa Rica, the U.K., and east and west Africa. I love to travel! My motto has been "have savvy, will travel. See my website , my Facebook page and my Facebook timeline






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