Jerilyn Caldwell


I'm living my dream! As a Parelli instructor, I would welcome the opportunity to help you live yours. As a little girl I spent many hours playing with ponies and a mule owned by my grandparents and uncle. Fond memories filled with horses, still bring a smile to my face today. Like some of you, my life took a different direction and I picked horses back up when I was in my early thirties. I was fortunate enough to find Pat and Linda Parelli within a month after purchasing a 16 month old horse, Starbuck Commander, fondly known as Starbucks. My journey to Parelli, like many of us, begins with a story. The facility where I was boarding Starbucks offered to help me teach him to lunge. With cavasson and buggy whip in tow we headed into the covered round pen surrounded by extra high sides and a low profile roof. There was a lone pillar in the middle for support. The events that followed would change my outlook on horses forever. My teacher was trying to perform the process of lunging, but Starbucks had other ideas. Threatened by her approach, he kept rising higher off the ground, and the more she tried to move him around, it became evident that Starbucks was answering back in a dominant way. Eventually standing on his hind legs with ears pinned flat back, hoofs pawing the air, he began walking toward us. We found ourselves huddling behind the one lone pole. I was not knowledgeable enough to understand how dangerous the situation really was. As I watched, his movements struck me profoundly. I perceived his carriage as graceful, as if I were an audience to a horse ballet. The beauty of his athleticism mesmerized me. The instructor injected, "Oh, boy! We are in trouble." As she spoke, I realized that the game was not over until Starbucks decided it was over. She had pushed him beyond his limits. The thought crossed my mind that I had not returned to horses for this type of relationship, which now seemed laced with danger. Starbucks face was bleeding, and I knew that our partnership was now in need of repair. The woman who owned the facility recommended Pat as an expert in the natural horsemanship field, hence the beginning. I have been studying Parelli for 20 years, and have enjoyed every minute of this journey. I am not "making light" of all the dedication and hard work that it takes to develop ourselves or the bond between horse and companion. It is truly a personal journey about the relationship, the understanding and study of Parelli's 4 savvies, and the "never ending" self development. I am fortunate to be a Parelli teacher, and look forward to assisting you in achieving your dreams.

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