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A little about my background - When I was 6 my dream was to be a wild horse tamer, I even had headed paper with Jody Ruysen Wild Horse Tamer printed on it. My upbringing around horses had always been a traditional one.

Whilst growing up we'd had horses who all had different characters and we'd gone along with all their quirks and behaviours as we didn't know any better. In my late teens I had a horse who I believed was very talented but I couldn't get him to do anything I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, so we went along with what he'd offer at any given time. It was when I was at college taking part in an equine studies course that I decided that there must be another way to train horses but I didn't know what it was.

Not long after that I came across the Parelli program and it changed my world and my horse's world. I was able to have an understanding of what we needed to create a relationship and build a partnership. I haven?t looked back since.

As a 3* Instructor of Pat's program my goal is to support others in accomplishing their dreams with horses, in finding what can be achieved by having a relationship.

I look forward to seeing you out on the trail


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