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With over 14 years of experience as a Parelli Professional and 18 years developing horses using the Parelli methods, Fawn is one of the two most experienced Parelli Instructors in Canada. Having chosen to pursue the 'Art of Horsemanship', she is one of the few instructors who devotes at least 6 months of every year to honing her skills by studying with Masters in Classical, Natural & Vaquero Horsemanship. Fawn has ridden extensively with Pat & Linda since 1999 and has helped to teach all of the courses and formats that they have offered from the original Levels Courses, Fluidity and the ten week modules to Wow with Cows, Game of Contact & Fast Track.  Fawn has also devoted considerable time riding and/or studying with the following well noted and Internationally recognized Naturally minded Masters: Walter Zettl (Dressage), Karen Rohlf (Dressage Naturally), Eddo Hoekstra (Dressage - protege of W. Z.), Philippe Karl (Classical Dressage master, author of 'Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage' & founder of Ecole de Legerete), Ronnie Willis (deceased - mentor to Pat Parelli, ran the Horse Development Program for Parelli in Dillon, MT), Martin Black (5th Generation Buckaroo Horseman) and Buck Brannaman (ridden in 17 clinics since 2005 and audited dozens more ~ Vaquero Horsemanship - disciple of Ray Hunt). During her Instructor development, Fawn honed her horsemanship skills by studying under Pat & Linda's most noted Professionals, including: Michael Wanzenreid (Pat's all-time top Protege), Aimee Brimhall, Larry Stewart (Former 4-Star Parelli Professional & Senior Horse Development Specialist), David Lichman, Bruce Logan, Jonathan Field & Glenn Stewart (recent Road to the Horse Team Canada competitors), Steve Byrne (Formerly taught Pat's Horse Development Courses & ran the Horse Development Program at La Cense in MT), David Stuart & Ken Faulkner (Former Australian 4-Star Parelli Professionals), Dave Ellis and many, many others. This is part of what has enabled her to have such a well rounded and diverse teaching style as well as a rock solid understanding of the program. In addition to teaching, Fawn is also a Licensed Horse Specialist, receiving 3 stars in Colt Starting and Foundation Training in 2004 while studying the Horse Development side of the Professionals Program.

During the winter slow season in Canada, Fawn spends 3- 5 months developing her personal horses and pursuing her own horsemanship goals on her property near Ocala, FL. Known as 'The Horse Capital of the World', this area offers hundreds of opportunities to ride with world class horsemen including Karen Rohlf, Martin Black, George Morris, the O'Connors and many, many more. Her property in conveniently located less than 5mi from both Karen Rohlf (Dressage Naturally) and the Parelli Center. As part of her Level 5 studies, Fawn has chosen the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Vaquero Horsemanship (ranch based cow working to create 'bridle horses') as her Specializations.

Fawn offers lessons, workshops, clinics and 4-5 day Level 3/4 Development Camps across Canada and Overseas. Her 11-Day Costa Rica Horsemanship Adventure Trek is quickly becoming a bucket list trip for avid horsemanship students. If you want to expand your knowledge of Horse Development whilst combining the experience with an exotic vacation destination, complete with 5* resorts and long sandy beaches, this is your dream trip. If you are interested in signing up for the Beach Trek adventure or simply want to bring one of Pat and Linda's longest standing instructors to your area for a clinic or lesson day, contact Fawn to get details on how to host an Event. Fawn has personally mentored many students on to become Parelli Professionals and also offers 3-6mo apprenticeships to select individuals pursuing excellence with horses.  

For detailed information on upcoming events, to sign up for her newsletter, and for useful downloads, check out her website at You can also join her interactive Facebook Group page, Classical Natural Vaquero, where you can participate in open horsemanship discussions.

604-259-9379 (CDN)

352-426-2310 (USA Cell)

*Messages left at either number will reach me, although to guarantee quickest reply, as I sometimes travel internationally, please also email. 

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