Sarah Brady



Some of my earliest memories are centred on horses. From a very early age I was hooked but it was not until nearly 10 that I badgered my parents to let me have my first pony. Bubbles was a tiny black and white Shetland pony who I rode bareback everywhere and the faster the better. I have never forgotten that connection.

After college and kids I found the urge to get back into horses again. This time around I thought I would do the sensible thing and take some lessons yet I was never happy that I was learning anything. I became engrossed with dressage but failed to understand how I was causing anything to happen. It was also around this time that I learned I did not bounce anymore like I used to and my confidence took a substantial knock after a horrendous fall.

Burying all my intuition and worries I went ahead and took in an ex-racer who started me on my road to a more natural approach...I just did not know it then. Although I got on well with Piper but it was not long until I got scared of him and no longer wanted to ride him.

After a break to extend our family I decided I needed to get another horse. This is when I met Ranger. My heart went out to Ranger when I saw him. He looked very quiet and I thought he would be the perfect horse for me. I soon learned otherwise.

It was not very long when some of the same problems reared their head with Ranger. I was starting to find more and more excuses to have someone else ride him and when I did I felt out of control. I also got very frustrated and mad alot.

Ranger sprained his check ligament out hunting but finished the 3 hour hunt by cantering into the village head in the air on pure adrenaline. While on box rest I saw the footage of the UK Celebration. I was blown away. The Right Brain Extrovert was exactly like Ranger. I was on the phone to the Parelli office the next working day. I knew there and then this was the way forward and the only way I would stay in horses

Before Ranger retired in October 2010 we had excelled in all four Savvies to where we were studying Level 5. I finally felt like I was learning the trade and not just the tricks of the trade.

In June 2011 I inheritated Angel from a student of mine. Angel was an extremely difficult horse when I first met her but through the programme she has made huge changes. She is now my dream partner and we started competing in January 2014 in Dressage.

My Journey with Ranger and Angel has inspired me to become a Parelli Professional. I feel I have much to share from my experiences in the programme. I look forward to inspiring, empowering and educating through Natural Horsemanship.

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