Jamie Evans


  3 Star Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

My goal as a horsemanship Professional is to make the world a better place for horses, one horse and human at a time! I teach lessons and clinics all over England from Wales to Newcastle, though I am based in Hertfordshire. I also train horses that are either un-started or have behavioural challenges. If you'd like to find out more about my team of horses, humans and sausage dogs visit www.DevelopYourHorse.com or email us at DevelopYourHorse@gmail.com Look forward to hearing from you soon!

About Jamie

I'd like to give you a look into what got me from a kid with his pony to teaching people and training horses and try to give you some of the key lessons that I have managed to learn along the way.

My story starts in 1999. I had always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. The reason 1999 is important to our story is because in 1999, my mum got Ted. An Irish Cob cross Arabian. We started as all horse owners do, no clue what we were doing and just listening to the people around us to pick up some things, but really not understanding properly. I started riding and wasn't too into it yet, but loved the horses.

After several 'run offs' with Ted, Mum started to get very unsettled and was searching high and low for the "answer" to her problem. After many bits and 'lessons' someone said to her "Oh you'd like that Parelli stuff." My mum read the stuff, liked what she got to see and decided to go see a demo. In short, she was blown away and knew this was what she wanted to do with her Ted. She rushed into the retail tent with her $15 spending money ... and yeah you know how far that got her. So she left feeling disappointed ... 'It's a scam' she thought, they're just trying to make you spend way too much money on something that probably won't even work.

To find out the rest of my story visit www.DevelopYourHorse.com

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