Jennifer Woods



I have ridden horses for around 25 years, enjoying show  jumping, cross country and dressage.  I found traditional training methods were either at best limiting, or at worst in conflict with how I wanted to be with my horses. After discovering the Parelli programme, training horses became fun  and successful again.  The resistance was  removed and progress flowed with harmony using Parelli principles.

I aim to help you follow the Parelli programme in the On Line, Liberty and FreeStyle Savvys, from beginner through to Level 4, and enable you to gain a deeper level of understanding, patience and perception in learning how to more effectively communicate with horses. I have a background in therapeutic counseling, training and coaching and I am passionate about helping people to achieve their desires with horses.

To discuss how I may help you please contact me on 07786 076260 or email  Alternatively for more information please visit:

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