Neil Pye


Neil Pye has been an integral member of the Parelli community for 28 years. Before accepting his current position as Instructor Emeritus and Global Ambassador, Neil taught as the highest ranking instructor in the field, emceed and rode & presented in over 100 Parelli events, produced and directed many cutting-edge Intellectual Property products, and served as Dean of the Parelli Professionals Program. Neil, alongside Pat lead the presentation for her Majesty the Queens birthday at Buckingham Palace in 2003.

When he first met Pat Parelli in 1991, Neil was a successful business owner whose natural leadership and communication skills caught Pat’s eye. In 1993, Neil and four other applicants were accepted in Parelli’s inaugural Course Instructors. From that point on, Neil’s influence and business savvy within the Parelli program became immeasurable. He was awarded his 5-Star instructor rating in 2002, reopened the Parelli Australia Campus in 2006, lead our expansion in Europe and opened our office in the UK in 2006. He directed and led the filming and production of some of Parelli’s most popular and expansive educational products, including Colt Starting, The Game of Contact and The Scale of Training. While on the TV front he produced our award winning series Parelli Masterclass ‘Way More Than Riding’, The Horseman’s Apprentice Series just to mention a few.

In his current role as Instructor Emeritus and Global Ambassador, he continues to contribute to the growth of the Parelli Program and community worldwide. Neil Pye stands alongside Pat & Linda Parelli and remains at the heart of the Parelli program, you will continue to see him, presenting, teaching, emceeing and producing further products at an even higher level, his dedication to the continued progress of the Parelli Program, horses and the people who love them is inspiring.

Neil currently resides in Sydney, and is the Head Instructor at the Parelli Horsemanship Centre Australia, he and his wife Sue who is also a long term student, advocate and supporter of the Parelli Program continue to support and contribute to the growth and development of students through events at their Centre.
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