Jenny Calkins-Trainor


`  (406) 599-0644 Jenny was born in Oregon, the daughter of a veterinarian with a bird dog hobby. The horse of choice at these field events was gaited for comfort and endurance, so Jenny started riding lessons at the age of five with Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Famer, Diane Gueck. Diane, a native of England, believed all students should understand the gaits and footfalls of all breeds. Jenny was soon the Amateur Juvenile rider for many of the clients TWH, Saddlebreds and National Show Horses. As a teenager and young adult she won 4 World Championships on different horses at the TWH Celebrations in Tennessee while she rode her personal horse, a quarter horse x Arab, bareback on the trails at home.

Jenny earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry at Montana State and was working in Colorado in 2002. She was part of a TWH breed demonstration in Denver at the Horse Exhibition that also featured the Parelli Savvy Team. There her journey toward Parelli professional began! She gained instructor status in 2008 with her Walking Horse partner.

Jenny lives in Montana with her husband, 2 two legged kids, 3 TWH, 2 Hanoverian, 2 mule. She enjoys horsepack camping, hunting, fly fishing and guiding others along the Parelli trail. She will travel throughout the US. Give her a call and meet her where ever you might be! Jenny regularly visits Oregon, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, Wyoming, Tennessee and Florida from Montana and would love to help you with your horse when she is in your area! Don’t forget she does video coaching too if you can't catch her on the road!      (406) 599-0644

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