Robbie Maus



Growing up with horses over the past 35+ years, I have had wonderful experiences that are a huge part of who I am today.  In 2004 I attended a Parelli tour stop in Reno, Nevada and was amazed and excited to see this whole new level of horsemanship.  I immediately began to apply these principals and concepts with my new mustang, having to adapt to fit the situation until I could halter her, but the results were astonishing!  Over time, the positive changes in her and maybe even more significant, the positive changes in me, convinced me of the importance of sharing Parelli with the world not only for our horses but for us.

In 2005 Horses for the Spirit was conceived.  Until its dissolution in 2012, I was the Co-Founder and Program Director for Horses for the Spirit. HFTS was a 501(c) 3 public charity dedicated to teaching positive life and social skills to abused, neglected and troubled youth between the ages 12 and 19.    To encourage the process of problem-based and experiential learning, I developed the HFTS curriculum utilizing Parelli Natural Horsemanship the “7 Games”, “Horsenality” and Herd Behavior, keys to the success of our programs.  Working safely on the ground and to provide structure upon which each life skill lesson was built.   It was a gift to witness first hand the positive impact Parelli and our wonderful equine partners have had on at risk youth in our community.

It is in the area of Horsenality that I have become increasingly passionate and most interested in specializing.  Understanding our horse’s innate needs, individual traits, environmental influences and learning styles can affect our relationships profoundly.  It is in this understanding that we find freedom.   It is not about us, it's about what our horses need from us to build a solid foundation built on understanding, communication and trust.

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